2016 Occupational Therapy (OT) Salary Survey


See the results of our 2016 Occupational Therapy Salary Survey and how your pay compares to other OT professionals around the country

Every year at ADVANCE, we painstakingly gather data from across the country to produce our eagerly awaited Salary Survey. This year, we crunched the extensive numbers to produce revealing charts that break down salary figures by gender, region, degree, experience, location, role, and more! A total of 1,083 respondents, including 760 occupational therapists and 323 occupational therapy assistants, contributed through the ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners website between Nov. 1, 2015, and Jan. 31, 2016. Our national results provide in-depth information about occupational therapy salaries across the United States.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll also be rolling out detailed region-specific PDFs below that break down the data by Northeast, Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes, South, Midwest, and West, so stay tuned! ADVANCE thanks our dedicated respondents nationwide and we hope you enjoy reading the results.

regionmap_nationalThe 2016 ADVANCE Salary Survey Results Reveal Who’s Pulling it in.

See more information about the National Survey

northeastregionmapWe heard from over 200 OTs and OTAs from this region.

See more information about the Northeast Survey

midatlantictregionmapThe region accounted for the second-highest number of respondents.

See more information about the Mid-Atlantic Survey

southregionmapThis region accounted for the highest number of respondents.

See more information about the South Survey

midwestregionmapComprised of mostly rural states, the Midwest region features the highest representation of male PTs, and the lowest salary ranges in the country.

See more information about the Midwest Survey

westregionmapWestern PTs and PTAs have been in their fields longer, and earn higher salaries than their colleagues in other regions.

See more information about the West Survey


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