2016 Occupational Therapy Salaries: Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes Region


We reveal the Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes Region results of our 2016 survey!

We heard from 165 OTs and 70 OTAs in the Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes Region of the country, which includes Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. This represented the second-highest number of OT respondents and second-highest number of OTA respondents among the five geographic regions nationwide.

For OTs, the most common salary ranges (24.8%) were $65,000-$74,999 and $75,000-$84,999. Among OTAs, the most common ranges (31.4%) were $35,000-$44,999 and $45,000-$54,999.


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