2016 Physical Therapy Salaries: South Region


Find out what rehab professionals earn in this part of the country.

Every year at ADVANCE, we painstakingly gather data from across the country to produce our eagerly awaited Salary Survey. This time, we crunched the extensive numbers to produce revealing charts that break down salary figures by gender, region, degree, experience, location, role and more.

In addition to our national results, we also offer comprehensive breakdowns by region. A total of 263 people who took our salary survey live in the South Region, consisting of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Puerto Rico. 168 of them (64%) were physical therapists, and 95 were physical therapist assistants (36%).

To see more comprehensive data on PT professionals in the South region, including salary according to gender, years in the field, highest degree earned and workplace setting, download our regional PDF.


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