APTA Discussing Dangers of Opioid Use, Offering PT as Alternative


Millions of people face the difficult choice of living in pain or putting their health in a different type of danger by using opioid-based pain medication. A new initiative from the APTA offers a third solution.

Recently, physical therapist Sarah Wenger teamed with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and YourUpdateTV, to discuss the dangers of prescription opioid use for most non-cancer-related pain treatment and safer alternatives, including physical therapy, for managing pain.

A video accompanying this announcement is available on YouTube.

According to the CDC, last year saw 58 prescriptions written for opioids for every 100 Americans. It seems we have become a society reliant upon a ‘quick fix’ for problems, including pain—even when those options come with dangerous consequences.

The CDC recommends safer options like physical therapy to manage pain. Increasing physical ability through strengthening and movement techniques creates a lasting difference that medications can’t match.


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