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Keeping patients safe during transfers requires proper staff education and equipment. Whether you’re a 6-foot body-building enthusiast or a petite 5-foot-2-inch couch potato, it all…

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Can exercise stall the muscle wasting effects of steroid therapy? According to “Betty,” posting last year on an Internet bulletin board for people with sarcoidosis,…

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Early intervention is especially important for children with tone problems According to Barbara Hypes, PT, a self-employed therapist from Milwaukee, early intervention is especially important…

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Iontophoresis is an effective way to resolve nagging inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions. The pounding athletes give their bodies day after day often leaves them with chronic,…

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Despite health care changes, e-stim retains a role in PT treatment Surviving the Market Changes Functional treatment: it’s a phrase that’s become almost omnipresent in…

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