Occupational Therapy


Tactile Vision Substitution System

Innovation and OT Introduction Low vision exists on a spectrum ranging from impaired vision to low light perception and complete blindness. While low vision is defined as “having 20/40 or…


Sensory Integration for Children with Autism

How occupational therapists are changing the field of treating autism in children Occupational therapists strive to provide evidence-based practice to all their clients. For this ideal to become a reality,…


De-clutter Your Workspace!

OTs are notorious pack rats We are two weeks into the New Year. When the calendar rolls over, many people make resolutions. We all know the standard resolutions: lose weight,…

Practice Management

Expanding Your Practice

Make no mistake: The outpatient rehabilitation industry is at war. Things are happening in the rehabilitation industry that will change the face of it forever.…

Home Care

Physical Therapy for Seniors Living at Home

A new standard in environmental design Occupational therapists work closely with clients who may require an individualized, comprehensive home assessment to maximize their independence, safety…

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