Rehab Insider eMagazine, January 2017


January 2017


2017 Trends to Watch
This figures to be a consequential year in rehabilitation. What are the most significant story lines?

Learn to Move, Move to Learn
Group learning activities leverage the brain-building advantages of physical play

High-tech Healing
Comparing biofeedback to electrical muscle stimulation in athletic rehabilitation

Accessing Memory Through Music
Maintaining cognitive connections through creative rehabilitation interventions

An Alternative Therapy for Stroke
Could an aquatic environment create the same results as other gait training methods?

Inside Track

Physical Insider
How Will you Expand in 2017?

Occupational Insider
It Just Feels Normal

Speech-language Insider
Schools in a Staffing Bind

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Editor’s View
Notice Anything Different?

Geriatric Journal
Are We Challenging Older Patients Enough?

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